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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and a dense fog advisory and to monterey to salinas this morning. really do take it easy this morning. 54 in hayward. oakland and san francisco, as well as mountain view. 55 san jose, and the forecast today calls for plenty of sunshine. check out the highs. we still have rain in the forecast to talk about for the seven-day update. i'll have it to talk about. thank you. >> knew this morning, the santa clara county sheriff's office is asking for yourself to identify a man who they say shot another man in downtown san jose. this is a picture of the man who investigators say shot the victim on the lightrail platform on 2nd and santa clara street. it appeared just after 10:00 last night. victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the sheriff's office is handle the case because it happened on
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bta property. >> there was a bizarre attack on the golden gate bridge. someone armed with a blow gunshot darts at two visitors walking awas the bridge yesterday afternoon on the east part of the span. >> most blow darts are about 4 inches long. according to the highway patrol, one penetrated one victim's three pretty deep. >> went through his jeans and into his legs about two inches. >> as paramedics helped the first victim, a second walked up and said she was also hit. >> she was struck in the kneecap. >> it was from a car driving northbound on the bring. they are working with the golden gate bridge authority to see if they have any surveillance video to help catch the culprits behind the attack. bobby was here showing his family from london the view. i showed him and his cousin a
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picture of the dart. >> it's scary, but you can't hide. you have to lookout for yourself. >> it's crazy. these days you don't know what's going to happen. >> neither dart seemed to be poisoned and investigators will return to the scene with the two victims to pinpoint exactly where they were hit. that way they can figure out when the puts expect car was on the bridge. abc7 news. this morning we have more details about the off-duty richmond police officer shot and killed in his own home. officer gus vegas was killed thursday during a did midwestic dispute. his family came forward yesterday in an emotional tribute to the man they lost. we are also learning more about the man arrested for the crime. alan wang has the latest. >> our doorbell started ringing off the hook and he was banging on the door. >> it was sandra vegas, wife of murdered richmond police officer gus vegas.
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she told the vein 30-year-old robert vaga had shot and killed her husband. >> what were the exact words she said? >> hearing voices lately and this is a devil. >> many wonder how the 15 year veteran police officer and the relationship between his grandson ended so tragically. from the church the family forgave him and praised his life. >> the life as a police officer devoted to protecting others, and the life of another. >> he was at the home regularly and even called him dad. robert vagua appeared to be stable. >> seemed like he stayed busy and he had himself under
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control. he was ex-military too. >> robert vagua is an army veteran who was deployed to iraq and was recently working in construction. in vallejo, alan wang, abc news. >> fire destroyed a home atop a cliff in pacifica yesterday. sky 7hd showed the charred wreckage of an abandoned home located behind a towing company. firefighters had the fire out in about an hour, although they were slowed down by fallen powerlines. >> new video shows smoke pouring out of the home. no one was hurt. finding the cause will be difficult because the building is structurally unsafe. >> 5:05 is the time. fire crews faced dangerous conditioned yesterday. the power line was arcing outside of a home on notre dame avenue in belmont. firefighters pulled a dog and cat out of the home.
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they gave the cat oxygen and took it to a veterinary hospital to treat it for smoke inhalation. the dog was not hurt. >> a care facility for disabled adults in mountain view were shut down because of health conditions. there were bug beds, mold and sewer leaks. they received a tip and visited the home several times, eventually citing it for 56 infractions. these pictures are from the mountain view voice. not only was it deemed unhealthy, but also unsafe. renovations were done without permits, as well as structural deficiencies. management has appealed the closer. >> there was a boycott of two stores for selling what they call alcopop. there's an alcopop free zone in this neighborhood. the group marched in protest. they asked circle k to stop
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selling the drink. the drinks are marketed to kids. they are especially concerned with a new product just on the market. >> there's 8 different versions of dead pool on the outside of the mike's hard lemonade can. it's got 8% alcohol content, and they are very sweet, youth oriented flavors. >> the same group tried to get the drinks band statewide, but failed. >> a group of nuns facing eviction from san francisco's tenderloin now has an unlikely savior. "the chronicle" reports meet are a visional speaker tony robins met with the nuns during a trip to the bay area and handed them a check for $25,000. he heard of their landlord's plan by 50% and wanted to help. nuns have lived at turk and taylor street about 8 years and run a soup kitchen for the
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homeless at that kitchen. >> there's a two-person team to address emergency needs for the homeless. the mayor's office announced the homeless assessment and response team. the team will work from noon to midnight when most of the 911 calls from the homeless come in. a community rolled out the red carpet not for movie stars, but for surfers. the world's best wave riders took part in yesterday's maverick surf contest. the top surfers road waves as high as 40 feet. >> the man of the hour, nick lamb. >> that's great. it's over the moon. >> the san jose native has been surfing since he was five and has always dreamed of winning the titans of maverick. he did it, and earning $30,000 to boot. >> the waves are so incredible. >> his father watched nervously. >> in the final he got a
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horrible call right toward the end and it looked like he got about five waves on the head right after that. it isn't any fun at all. most of us would have called it a day. >> but lamb paddled back out and ended up taking the title. pacifica native and paramedic was another favorite. he took second place. >> he was pretty stoked. it was my first contest. >> big sur of competition took over the small coastal town. >> to have another thing to bolter the log economy is great. >> brings a lot of energy. >> that energy is proving to last through the night as the 24 of the world's best surfers, strutting their stuff, on dry land. in half moon bay, abc7 news. >> a santa cruz native had a serious wifeout yesterday that knocked him out of mavericks and left him with a broken eardrum.
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he crashed when the face of a 3g collapse around him. water started pouring into his mouth as the wave held him under water and his eardrum actually blow out. he pulled the cord on his safety vest. that got him to the surface and possibly kept him from drowning. a very close call. you can't fight those waves sometimes. >> my son is a surfer, and i hated it. it's so scary. but it's beautiful to watch. you can't see anything out there because of the dense fog. in fact a dense fog advisory to the south of us. temperatures in the low 50s to the low 40s. we are looking at fog in oakland and san jose. so perhaps delays there as things get going. but it's going to be a slow go for the next couple of hours. once the fog evaporates, then we have a forecast to talk about. i'll be back with that and the look ahead next. >> also ahead, the language of emojis. what experts hope children will
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do to keep their
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> despite the el nino winter, california is still in a drought n main county water restrictions are still in effect, but the drought exists there probably in name only. we have more. >> marin county has a reputation for big, expensive homes and wealth. but in a drought year, here's a different definition of that wealth. not money but liquid gold thanks to the watershed. crystal manages that watershed for the marin municipal water district that as of today
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reports 97% capacity in the reservoirs.. >> if the rest of california in in this state, would we still be in a drought? >> no. >> so this is a unique county. >> yes. >> and march rip has a third riches. he spotted one of 500 coho sam man that returned to the creek this year. it is due to storms that arrived early allowing the coho to swim upstream in december. for fish it has been a perfect el nino. >> i have always said the coho salmon population is stable, but tenuous and i'm not changing that. >> having a good year. abc7 news. emojis are everywhere. you see a huge range of stim policy and text and social media. some teenagers use them as a
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hidden language. christian found out why parents need to pay attention. >> you might call them modern day hieroglyphics. pictures meant to say more than just words. >> a chipmunk. >> over, it's hard to convey your emotions sometimes so adding a facial expression or whatever, it's like lightens the mood, 3 guess. >> they can be sweet and silly, or scary. a new york teenager accused of threatening police with a gun emoji on social media. in illinois prosecutors say another teen showed support for isis by tagging violent videos with emojis. good or bad, emojis are changing the way teenagers interact. >> it's sad because children don't know how to talk to one other these days. >> the 12 year olds, 13-year-olds have had emojis since they have used cell phones so it's how they communicate. >> there's something about a
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image that really communicates to us. >> but some now worry it's a barrier to understanding kids and keeping them safe. >> so what's the problem? >> i don't speak emoji. >> this episode in the tv show "castle" shows the problem. we found an expert to decode this one. >> by the way to me is like somebody who has a cool look. >> and eddie leaves a ymca youth program. he said many use emojis like code the. >> talking about sex, talking about drugs, talking about neighborhoods. i mean, you name it. >> with thousands of emojis out there, experts say they are the latest version of an age-old problem. >> kids have always created languages their parents can't understand. any kind of slang or to communicate in secret. >> this motor won't use emojis when sending messages to your children? >> what do your kids say?
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>> mom, you are lame. >> do they use an emoji to display that? >> yeah. >> there are now websites to help you translate, and there's the simplest tool of all. >> ask your children what the emojis mean. >> when you both understand, communication is facilitated. >> abc7 news. >> the nba is going emoji at this weekend all-star game in toronto. for the first time each player has their own personalized emoji on twitter. if you are wondering what the warriors emojis will look like, here you go. steph curry, draw tom ton and draymond green on your screen. green will take part in the skills challenge and curry and thompson will have a rematch in the 3-point shooting contest. and don't forget abc7 news sports director will report live from the all-star game in toronto beginning tonight at 5:00. larry's live reports will
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continue through tomorrow on abc7 news. you can always follow larry on twitter @abc7. >> yesterday several players net with the media and shot some commercials that will air during the season. today players will sign autographs around the ballpark. hunter pence said he's looking forward to seeing the fans. >> so excited to get started. and we know they will be there and it's the best feeling of support. their vision and belief. they lift us up so much with allful that, with that love, with that passion. >> fans will be able to buy tickets for the entire 2016 seasons. giants fan fest runs from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. admission is free. spring training begins next week with giants pitchers and catchers report to go camp on wednesday.
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5:18 the time. weather-wise, probably won't even need a jacket if you head out to at&t tonight, right? >> you are right. 60s and 70s yesterday, and a continuation of that. even records possible. deja vu to where we were last week at this time but we have some very, very dense fog this morning. a dense fog advisesry from salinas to monterey. here you are looking at a bands of clouds well to the north and west of us. that's where they will stay because a big dominant ridge of high pressure is going to build in. it's not even really here yet. with that we will look for records possible. but we have what you call a stable and pretty hazy air mass overhead. you can see some of the high clouds here. and with that higher pressure building we are looking at the moisture at the lower levels and some very dense fog. check it out. pretty much everywhere except sfo right now. reportings are less than about two miles in in most spots.
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coming in this morning, you really -- it was like a wall. you could not see in front of you. so really it should be moving around a bit and i wouldn't be surprised if the national weather service puts a dense fog advisory for the bay area locally for the next couple of hours. but we will look for this to linger throughout the morning hours. 50 morgan hill. 54 oakland and half moon bay. 52 san francisco. it's certainly not cool out there, but it's muggy and we will look for perhaps some delays here later. this is sfo. 43 in be santa rosa. good morning napa. 45 in novato and fairfield and concord right now at 48 degrees. so it's been feeling like spring and we are going to see the next couple of days railroad mild. then an abrupt change by the middle of the week. got a foggy start this morning. we will are warm up considerably for valentine's day. records possible monday and tuesday. we could see some 80s again
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but we have the high surf until 8:00 tonight. dangerous waves all the way down from the north coast to monterey with wave heights now at 13 feet half moon bay and monterey with the large westerly swells. this will continue throughout the day. certainly be careful if you are head out. statewide we are in the 70s from sacramento to chico. 83 los angeles, along the coast. it's going to be a beautiful day. a little closer to home around monterey, the thirds round. we are looking at the foggy conditions this morning. 51 degrees. and 11:00 it should be about 60. low 60s throughout the afternoon. it should be just fantastic there. so in san jose even closer to home look at high necessary the low 70s. midst 70s tomorrow. look at that. trouble where your records are and considerable cooling on wednesday. here's why. looking at a little bit of rain. this is holding together. this is wednesday night into thursday. hopefully we can keep that in the seven-day outlook. but even so it's just one day out of the next seven.
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68 in san mateo. seven-day forecast warming up for valentine's day records possible monday, tuesday, and on the storm impact scale a weak system wednesday into thursday. hopefully that will pan out and, you know, we need more, of course. so we will enjoy what we have now, i suppose. >> absolutely. thank you. >> 5:22 is our time. how much are planning to spend this valentine's day? michael finney has tips to find romance without your hair is still thinning. you may have inactive follicles. reactivate them with women's rogaine® foam. the only once a day treatment proven to regrow new hairs up to 48% thicker. revive your va-va-voom. and save $10.
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changes in urination, high potassium in the blood, increases in cholesterol, or risk of bone fracture. do not take invokana® if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis. stop taking and call your doctor right away if you experience symptoms such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. >> the amount of the money people spend on valentine's day is expected to hit a record high.
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but michael finney reminds us love doesn't have to be expensive. >> they have been date fourth just five months. the pressure to cole up with the perfect valentine's day can be intimidating. >> valentine's day is always a hard holiday, i think, for men. >> he is a relationships expert and calls herself a valentines coach. she says new couples may be internalizing all kinds of questions. >> do we do something for valentine's day? what if i don't know if i'm in love with you yet? >> adding to the pressure is the cost of going out on a date. the average man sends $142 on a valentine's date. twice as much as a woman. for bay area couples the cost is even higher. lou is with the school of management at the university of san francisco. >> in terms of going out for dinner, the prices in san francisco have gone up by about 4 1/2%. >> he said dinner for two with a bottle of wine averages $120 in
5:26 am
the city. and a night's stay in a hotel $397. we challenged marcy and gailen to find romance without breaking the bank. marcy and galen are both shows of the television showdownton be a bee. they decide to go on a downton abbey date. they dressed up and went about. >> i love it. >> their date continued at the tea rose in santa rosa. it was a perfect, inexpensive valentine's day treat. >> whatever we do, just being together makes me so happy. >> cheers! >> cheers! >> the total cost of their valentines date, $30. we have additional tips on
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making your valentine's day special all on our website. i'm michael finney, on your side. >> a scientist in hawaii has announced the discovery of a new plant just in time to for valentine's day. it's most distinguishing feature, it's heart shaped fruit. the research team said the find resulted from a loving adventure with hawaiian bio diversity. the plant was given the unromantic game-- name -- >> they tied is didn't make good coffee. >> valentine's day isn't just for people. the academy for sciences in san francisco hands us this video to a worker hand being out cards to the penguins yesterday. the penguins use them to line their nests and they say it encourages breeding. a new sport that has gamers, sighted in the bay area. all you have to do is lift your
5:28 am
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what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. . >> it's half past the hour on this saturday morning. thanks for waking with us. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris, good morning. it's all about the fog this morning. visibility is certainly impacte. the north bay is really just a mess. a wall of fogg. oakland a quarter mile visibility. and right now at the airport things aren't too bad. but i imagine we are going to get some delays. and we are looking at visibility just three miles in concord. dense fog advisory for salinas and monterey this morning. to the north, to the south. they have the pep he will beach pro-am but things will improve
5:31 am
throughout the midmorning hours there. 49 in san mateo. and san jose, foggy conditions. but the fog will lift and we will look for a beautiful day today although we need rain and we aren't going to get: upper 60s to low 70s for the most. mid-60s with dangerous surf at the coast. >> lisa, thank you. president obama has designated 2 million acres of louisiana desert at national monument. it helps protect the natural resources and historical artifacts on that land. cassel mountain, and the other areas are now national manments. air force one arrived in the valley yesterday. he is staying at larry ellison's rancho estate. in his weekly' dress, president
5:32 am
obama admits the tone of politics has gotten worse but he said americans can improve it if more people vote. >> i still believe in a politics of hope. and for all the challenges. the changing world, for all the imperfections of our democracy, choose the politics of hope is something that is entirely up to each of us. >> on monday and tuesday the president will host a summit with leaders from the association of southeast asian nations in rancho mirage:. >> ought on video, it a car sponge out and crashed into a wall. it happened as the president head today the airport after a day of fundraising. the officer was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. an investigation is underway to determine what exactly went wrong >> the next big presidential battle ground is south carolina will democrats and republicans will hold primaries on two different days later this month. tonight the six gop candidates will turn on their southern
5:33 am
charm as they take the stage for the debate. it will be the first time they squared off since the new hampshire primary. the primary is february 20th. tonight debate starts at 6:00. in mexico big crowds welcomespo frances to mexico city last night. mexicans are asking him to address the violence, the drug war and government corruption during his five day visit. a ceremony is set later this morning, followed by visits with mexico's president and the mexican bishops. there will be a mass tonight >> the death to toll in the taiwan earthquake has risen to 115. 327 residents survived the magnitude 6.4 quake. the building's developmenter and two architects are accused of cutting corners during the
5:34 am
construction. a boston elementary school teacher was killed after an airborne manhole cover hit her car, causing her to crash into a wall. police are investigating how the 200-pound manhole cover dislodged and went into the air. officers are looking into excessive wear or any other characteristics that could have caused it to become airborne. police say the teacher died instantly. 5:34 is our time. the man behind a brutal machete attack in columbus was known to the fbi and was on a terror database. we have the story. >> more than 24 hours after the brutal machete attack, a show of support and love. the victims recovering, three in the hospital, one at home, as police try to find motives. >> we believe that he acted alone. >> thursday's dinnertime attack raised enough red flags for police to call no the fbi. >> a lone individual, machete
5:35 am
going into a public place, committing an assault on people that he apparently does not know. >> law enforcement sources say the man was to anyone to the fbi. while he wasn't under a full-scale investigation, his name is on the data pace to people related to terrorism. >> the federal agents haven't told us what the circumstances were of his involvement. >> his former roommate, baffled. painting the picture of a man he said was from begin any and one he came to know as extremely private. >> it's not something that i expected from him. i was just shocked myself. >> he stopped by the restaurant 30 minutes earlier asking about the opener, who is from israel. he believes where he came from made him and his restaurant a target. >> do i feel it? yes. i hope i'm wrong. i hope it's not the case, and if it is, i hope it's a one-time thing. >> police shot and killed the man after he launched at an
5:36 am
officer with a machete. and the word "terrorism" now in the spotlight. >> 5:45 is our time. a new sport is booming in the bay area and you don't even have to get off the couch to play it. abc7 news anchor, reggie, takes us inside the world of e-sports. >> from living rooms to arenas and bars to ball rooms, the number of people playing competitive video games is blowing up. the world of electronic or e-sports is attracting big crowds and big money all over the bay area. players, also known as broadcasters, compete live online. >> thanks for taking care of me. >> many on the website twitch. >> we have dozens of broadcasters now making six figures. >> he's the co-founder of san francisco's based twitch. the company started in 2012 and now boasts 1en .7 million broadcasters who play games live on the internet. the audience is even bigger.
5:37 am
more than 100 million visitors tune in to watch. so many with ditch is now the fourth largest user of peak time internet bandwidth. >> we are in many ways the place where professional e-sports is discovered. >> twitch supports the most popular players by giving them a cut for each subscribers who pays to watch them play. >> renee is making enough to call it a full-time job. she streams at least four hours a day monday through friday. >> yeah, i make enough to support myself in the east bay, which is saying a lot. i'm very fortunate and very grateful. >> she is now part of a growing community. >> e-sporting events are fostering a booming and competitive scene too. hundreds of people show up during the week to play video games at the foundry in san francisco's south of market business. >> we celebrate gaming or having fun. doing something you can do at home but why not go out, grab a
5:38 am
beer and celebrate together. >> chances are you have a gamener yourself. 67% of households play video games and they spend an arrange of 8 hours a week glued to the screen. , at this competition at the san jose convention center, thousands of people pay as much as $100 to compete and watch. >> five years ago this was nothing, and now every year it's growing like i think expo nextly. it's growing bigger and bigger. doesn't matter if you are the best in the world or the first tournament. it's a chance to show what you've got. >> of roughly 4,000 attend december, half are here to compete in one game, super smash brothers melee. >> this is unique because it's only smash brothers. everyone in this room to plays smash brothers. >> these games are just like any sporting event. there are commentators, big screens. >> it's a tournament. >> all broadcast on twitch. so you might ask who would want to watch someone else play a
5:39 am
video game? >> the same reason you want to watch someone go cook on the cooking channel or same reason you might want to watch people play sports. you want 20 watch people who are good at what they do. >> tournament winners can fill their pockets. the prizes are in the tens of thousands of dollars. and then there's the one thing that's priceless. bragging rights. reggie, abc7 news. >> even the first name in sports, our sister network espn, is taking notice. they recently committed to cover e sports on a daily rigor with the same vigor they cover other sports online. did you ever want to go back in time? something you don't want to do on the i-phone. a new bug that permanently launches a with device and makes it unusable. first here's a look outside from the emeryville camera. lisa argen returns with the full
5:40 am
accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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so you can love cereal... again! i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit . >> it's 5:42 on our saturday morning. apple is making its first original tv series. hip-hop legend dr. dre will star in the first original scripted television series. the six episode series vital signs will follow a plot about the rapper's life.
5:43 am
dr. dre will also being on the program. the music will be distributedda apple music, but it's not clear if vital signs will be offered on apple tv, the apple store or other apple platforms. >> a new bug has popped up. when the set the phone to january 1, 2017, the phone crashes and the phone won't start. one man did it and posted about it on the youtube channel so you can see what happens. the most likely explanation has to do with time zones. the bug only affects newer iphones and ipads. >> you know people out there are going to try it anyway and think we will be fine. anyway, weather-wise, some fog out there? >> so foggy. in san jose really around 280. look how bad it is. you can't see much at all. anywhere from about a mile and a
5:44 am
quarter visibility to four miles at best. so with the low 50s and low 40s up in the north bay, it's muggy, foggy, and a tough go of it until the next couple of hours when the fog begins to lift. then another warm-looking day. but i'll tell you which day over the weekend will be the warmest and we will talk about rain coming back into the bay area as well. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, celebrities and golfers compete on the green. how how they stacked up against each other
5:45 am
5:46 am
. >> forget chocolate this valentine's day, give your sweetheart mushrooms instead. stanford scientists said romantic evenings wouldn't be the same without fungi. it goes into producing wine and chocolate, but if you are looking for a different type of gift, he recommends truffles. the delicacy might be out of your price range, though. it often costs $10,000 a pound.
5:47 am
>> the government has redefined what it means to be a driver. a blind man is the ifers to give google's car a test drive. >> for steve, traveling across town requires planning. he lives two miles from the nearest bus stop and when his family is at work, he relies on the vta's para-transit. >> i have to make arrangements for the rides the day before. >> that's why a ride he took three years ago was so magical. for the first time since he became blind he sat in the drier's seat and that's about all he did. >> the vehicle was the driver. the car was the driver. >> but california rules say autonomous cars still need a licensed driver. steve can't get a driver's license. >> if it is required to have a licensed human driver in the car it means i could not go anyplace in that vehicle without someone accompanying me. >> and it would throw on the brakes for google's next
5:48 am
project, cars without regular controls. >> there's no steering wheel. >> but in a letter to google. federal regulators made a key clarification. where the law refers to a driver, the driver doesn't have to be human. >> is this a green light for the autonomous vehicles? >> i think it's the absence of a yellow light. >> they aid it doesn't clear up other laws. the scars have to have rear-view mirrors are. >> they were unnecessary for me, the side mears were unnecessary for me. >> i love this! >> he doesn't miss the pedals or steering wheel one bit. >> anybody who spends five minutes out in the danger will realize the danger of the humans, personally i can't wait for the robots to start driving. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> 5:48 is our time. lisa, you are tracking a possible record conditions for valentine's day weekend? >> a lot like last weekend we
5:49 am
saw it warm up the second half of the weekend and teak on monday and tuesday. once if again, that's in store. we are looking at temperatures this morning on the mild side. there's fog out there. the visibility has been really reduced and the sun not up until 7:02. it sets at 5:46. giving us ten dollars. 44 minutes of daylight. the national weather service issued a dense fog advisory for salinas and monterey, the central coast. the pebble beach pro am going on, the third round. conditions should be night. but fog is all along the bay area as well. check out the cloud band here. it will stay to the north. we should have a system that will impact us by the middle of the ridge and bring cooler temperatures our way. but between then in a southwesterly flow we have high clouds over the area and certainly that very dense fog. visibility in miles anywhere from a quarter mile in oakland that's kind of a rarity. hayward, napa, and up in santa
5:50 am
rosa, fairfield and down around mountain view three miles. santa cruz improved to 4 miles. foggy here and on the coast 5 miles. sfo looking at 7 miles. and no delays as of yet, but that could change. a look at the roof camera. with the sun not coming up for another hour, you know, it will be rather gray throughout the 8:00 hour, as we. 52 in the city. 54 in oakland and san jose, as well as half moon bay. it's 53 in mountain view. here's sfo. you see the cloud core and things moving along there. temperatures ranging from the low 40s in santa rosa. 46 novato, 48 concord and 50 in napa. not that cool out there. once we get sunshine to evaporate the mostlier, the sable air takes hold, a sea breeze today but then the winds go offshore by tomorrow and that will lead to our warmup for
5:51 am
valentine's day. we are looking at records, upper 70s, 80s possible for monday and tuesday but then we are looking at a sharp cool down by wednesday. so high surf advisory continues throughout the day today until 8:00. the swell heights anywhere from 12 to 15 feet and that's exactly where we are right now. bodega bay, half moon bay and monterey bay. the long period westerly swells with us and creating dangerous conditions. 60s at the coast. low 60s yosemite. 50 suppose for any tahoe. it's in the 20s now. the snow machines are going. 3 in los angeles and upper 80s palm springs. once the fog lifts, it will be after 8:00. temperatures will climb to 60 by 11:00 around pebble beach and temperatures in the low 60s. one of the cooler locations at the coast. but if you head into san jose or in and around the south bay, 70s return today. mid-70s tomorrow, and it's
5:52 am
downright warm for monday and tuesday. but look how quickly the temperatures drop off with this next system. so we are expecting late wednesday into thursday. here we are 8:00 rain looks to be likely. amounts don't look to be that impressive but at least we get the ridge out of here and maybe things can get a little wet again. highs today ranging from the mid-60s coastside, 68 san mateo, 67 san francisco. up in san rafael and 71 livermore, 72 by fairfield. the accuweather seven-day forecast, warmer tomorrow. perhaps records monday and tuesday. a little bit ever rain possibly late wednesday into thursday and back to dry conditions next friday. so, yeah. >> despite the lack of rain i'm sure many people are excited about your forecast this weekend. especially for president's day, too. lisa, thank you. turning to sports now, pros and celebrities tee off for round 3 of the pebble beach pro am. one of the big name players surges to the top of the leaderboard. mike shumann has round 2
5:53 am
highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning. well, round 2 on the books at member he about beach. the beau of the this event you get to play at least three days as an amateur or a although. you get a shot at three courses. and one of the most beautiful places in the world. clerk it out, paradise. enough said. phill mickelson, in the front. 10 under with 6-under 65 today. jordan speith also on monterey. barges it off. 269. 3-under after two rounds. same hole, same foursome. justin johnson from just off the green. 2 over but celebrates an eagle. 11 back at even,. and one of the shots of the day on the par-5, 14th at pebble many tough to keep it on the ridge but he drops it. birdie on the number one handicap hole. a nice birdie putt on monterey.
5:54 am
a course record 11-under 60 on monterey. had a birdie for a 59 but he settled for long par puck. so here's the leaderboard. >> very pleased the way i'm striking the ball, chipping and putting, and the way it's coming together. now it's a matter of being in contention a few times, which i already have. >> we have three local heroes involved in the nba all-star game. today is the skills contest. kobe bryant is playing in his 18th and final all-star game. he was surrounded wherever he went yesterday. some media members ivan bringing him gifts. the warriors soaking up every moment. especially first-time all-star draymond green. >> it's been amazing just to be
5:55 am
a part of this, around all the guys and seeing how it all works. >> it's a huge honor to be here with steph and draymond. i'm so excited about that. it's a weekend for fun. >> having two teammates here especially because basketball is a team game and to have two other guys representing the full squad. and all that we've accomplished, it's huge. >> that's the way the ball bounces. more from web he will beach and all-star weekend tonight at 5:00 p.m. with larry beil live from toronto. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. coming up, the hunger games comes to the bay area. how you can check out some
5:56 am
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we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. >> happening today, a behind the scenes look' hunger games here in san francisco. starting today they can explore the world behind the books and blockbuster film in a special exhibition. you can buy tickets online and doors open at 10:00 a.m. at the
5:58 am
palace of fine arts. next on the abc7 saturday morning news at 6:00. a south bay shooting near public transit sends a man to the hospital. how you can help them catch the suspect. and t
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>> gag morning. we are waking up to fog this morning. here's the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. looks like there's no problems in the big picture. high clouds and low clouds. the national weather service issued a dense fog advise raise for the north bay interior valleys and salinas and points southward. there's a high surf advisory and certainly things to be aware of with visibility really anywhere


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